Our Pedagogy


TWINKLE EDUCARE provides the very best outcomes for our children. Every child has a right to the rich interwoven learning opportunities vital for their development and key to extending their potential

  • Promotes independence, resilience and exploration
  • High emphasis on self-discipline and self-regulation
  • Children are offered developmentally appropriate play based opportunities
  • Constructive play is of high importance
  • High value on the importance of skilled practitioner observations

The Early Years curriculum is organised into 7 key areas of learning, with each area being further divided into sets of key developmental stages and learning outcomes, which can be used to accurately track every student’s progress.

We plan the curriculum to ensure our students are making consistent, effective progress towards these Early Leaning Goals, which all children are expected to attain by the end of their time in Reception. In meeting these goals, our students are supported by a hardworking, dedicated team of teachers and support staff, working in unison to ensure every pupil reaches the heights of their potential. 



The LEYF Pedagogy is reflective of our social enterprise approach. Each strand of the Pedagogy is designed to strengthen children’s social and cultural capital through language, social opportunities, cultural experiences and friendships.

The seven strands of the Pedagogy are designed to strengthen children’s educational success by widening their network of social relationships and expanding their cultural horizons. So, just by attending a LEYF Nursery, children build social capital through the friendships they make with people from all different backgrounds and their involvement in the local community. The children at our Pre-School are very creative and together with their teachers have interpreted the seven strands of our Pedagogy in the series of animations below, please see below.


1. Leading for a culture of excellence
2. Sprial curriculum
3. Enabling environments
4. Harnonious reationships
5. Safe, fit and healthy
6. Home learning
7. Multi-generational approach

7 Areas of Leaning

Prime Areas 

Communication and Language

Physical Development

Personal, Social and Emotional Development

Specific Skills Areas  



Understanding the World


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